We are the Leather Research Laboratory, an ISO 17025 certified laboratory, operating in conjunction with the University of Cincinnati (we are a department of the Office of Research). We are the only academic based center of excellence dedicated to leather testing in the entire USA. 

Opened by president Herbert Hoover in 1924, we have been in existence for over ninety years. Upon officially opening the "Tanners Lab", U.S. President Herbert Hoover stated it to be "the most important step made by any of our trade associations in the direction of scientific research for the benefit of an entire industry." 

In 2001 we moved into a new laboratory that was designed and constructed specifically for modern leather performance testing and research.

There is no other independent facility in the U.S. that possesses the focused expertise and experience in leather that we can offer.

Our specialized in-depth knowledge of applied leather technology enables us to interpret test results in terms of the practical implications for Quality, Product Development, Marketing and Consumer Safety programs. We look forward to serving you.

Our MISSION is to provide focused and customized leather testing and technology training at the highest possible level of scientific excellence and professional integrity.
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